2019 Festival Schedule

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Thursday May 2nd


Redmonds honoured at The Bishops Palace Waterford in memory of John Redmond who was a great public representative for the area and the leader of the Home Rule Party.

Friday May 3rd

Bus Tour of key sites directly linked to Redmonds and The Norman exploits in Ireland.

Gathering of 100 Redmonds on Baginbun Head to commemorate the landing of Raymonds ships "La Bague"and "La Bonne" and the great battle where "Ireland was lost and won"

The force of 100 was represented by 10 Knights, 70 Archers and 20 aides and women including the feared "Alice of Abergavenny" who executed the 70 prisoners.

An account of the battle will be read and a pipers lament will be played for all who lost their lives in the battle especially the large numbers from Waterford.

Saturday May 4th

Gathering of the Clan at Loftus Hall with the lighting of the Bealtaine bonfires.

Banquet in Honour of Raymond with Storytelling from Baya in Templars Inn, Hook Head.

Sunday May 5th

  • 2pm Official Opening of the Festival at Loftus Hall

  • 3pm "The Cleansing of the Cows" An ancient custom with Fire and Beast with tribute to "Aine"

  • 4pm Craft Workshop

  • 5pm Storytelling of Battles fought locally tribute to "Babd Catha"

  • 6pm Dance tribute to "Manannán"

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Monday May 6th

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  • 1pm Craft Fair opens

  • 2pm Dressing the May bush Workshop, all floral tributes appreciated

  • 3pm Fire & Hammer, Traditional Forge methods displayed by Finin the Blacksmith. Tribute to "Goibniu"

  • 4pm Storytelling

  • 5pm May Queen winner announced and presented to "Ériu"

  • 6pm Musical Tribute to "Lugh"

  • 7pm Presentation of the Family Tree and the ceremony of peace and family when Strongbow's sword is put to rest.